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TacOS is an operating system design for the Intel x86 architecture, built on top of a monolithic kernel running in protected mode. A dedicated C library is also developed in the meantime. This project has been initiated during a tutored project by a group of students and has been since then maintained in their spare time by some of them. The objective is entirely educational and two new groups are working on adding a graphical user interface and developing a more advanced shell. Source code is freely available under the GPL license.
  • Interruptions, exceptions, system calls
  • Monoprocessor scheduling using round robin
  • Paging and dynamic memory allocation (VMM, malloc)
  • Loading of ELF binary files
  • Text display (80x25) and graphical display
  • Virtual File System
  • Ext2 file system (read/write) and FAT (read only)
  • Dev FS and Proc FS
  • Terminals (console and serial)
  • Mouse handling
  • Semaphores
  • Signals
Getting the source code

Archive of the project.

The project can be cloned using the git command:

$ git clone git://github.com/TacOS-team/tacos